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Spring Rowing 2018

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The spring rowing season begins for returning and new rowers on Monday, March 5th. Races are typically 1,500 meters during the spring “sprint race” season. Shaker Crew will compete in a number of regattas and scrimmages beginning in April, with competitions for both 7-8th grade and 9-12th grade rowers. State and national competitions are also held during spring season.

All are welcome to join! No experience necessary!

- Students grade 7 through 12 (as of Fall 2018)
- New rowers: must pass swim test before participation (150 meter swim, tread water for 10 minutes, put a life jacket on in water). Swim test must be completed by certified lifeguard or parent can verify their child's ability to complete the above.

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

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For more information, visit the Shaker Rowing Association website at


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More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the rowing program, the first thing you need to do is open an account on Sports sign up so that we know of your interest and we will have the necessary contact information to connect with you and your child.

  1. First Time create an account
  2. Enter your email and create a password, confirm email and password (Hit NEXT)
  3. Enter Account Owner information (parent) (Hit NEXT)
  4. Add your child (rower)  (Hit  SAVE)
  5. You have not registered your child at this point.  We now have a way of connecting with you to provide you more information about the rowing program. 
  6. Should you decide NOT to register your child, the account will be deleted by the registrar.

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